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What is Stem Cell Therapy for Baldness

Baldness is a condition which most men suffer. Even if it is such a common occurrence, many men still experience depression and anxiety from receding hair line and thinning crown. If hair loss is a problem for men, how do you think will women feel if they experience their scalp showing wider than before?

Science is continuously seeking treatment for problems that common people suffer, and a recent study on stem cell therapy is now creeping in the baldness treatment arena.

What is stem cell therapy and how will it treat baldness?

Baldness is believed to be irreversible especially when hair follicles start to die. If indeed there is a stem cell therapy where hair follicles will be cultured and multiplied, this may be the treatment men have been waiting for so many years.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy or hair cloning is a process by which a hair follicle will be taken from the head and cultured to multiply. It will then be transplanted to the balding areas of the head. Laser will then be used for the new transplanted hairs to induce growth and likewise signal the neighboring hair follicles to regenerate.

This has been tested in animals, but human testing is still awaiting results.

Stem cell therapy has been proven to work wonders in many conditions such as spinal cord injury, cancers, heart and brain damage. Its effectiveness in treating baldness is still a hope among scientists.

If this becomes effective, there will be minimal issues on balding and hair thinning. Stem cell therapy for baldness may be the Holy Grail for hair loss problems. This may lead to a more self-confident population because they can wear their hair proud.

On the other hand, please take note that hair loss or baldness may come from many causes such as illness, stress and genetic characteristics.

If there is a medical problem underlying the hair loss problem, treating the illness or the medical issue may cause the reversal of hair loss. Baldness may then be avoided.

You may not need to undergo a quite costly procedure such as stem cell therapy for your baldness. Merely taking note of your health condition may be sufficient. Your doctor will be helpful in assessing your problem and if you will need a procedure such as laser or stem cell therapy.

Again, please note that men and women have different hair loss issues. For men, it starts quite early as they reach their late twenties. For women, problem comes a little bit later but the effect in their social functioning may be greater.

It is therefore necessary that you check your lifestyle, your health and your stress level if you are starting to see significant amount of hair in your brush. It may be a symptom of a deeper medical problem than mere copied hair pattern from your ancestors.

Live your life to the fullest with full hair head by ensuring that you have a healthy body. This is because healthy body converts to healthy hair. And healthy hair may never need stem cell therapy at all.

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